Saturday, July 27, 2019

You have electronic money?

The exchanger monitoring launched an affiliate program with payment for getting more visitors not logn ago. This affiliate program will be most profitable for those who own sites that sell or advertise products and services people pay for with electronic money. They pay up to $0.65 for every new visitor. The minimum sum that can be withdrawn from the affiliate account is just $1. Anyone can earn with - you do not have to have your own site to do it. You can publish your promotional text with your affiliate link, for instance, on forums, in blogs, on social networks and other site. See the description of the affiliate program for detailed information.

Monitoring service video overview

Sunday, July 21, 2019

How to Make Money online $150 per day!

1) First of all you need Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. I prefer to use wallet but you can use any wallets that you like. - link for registration .

2) You need to have at least 0.005 BTC (about 56$ ) at your wallet

3) Then you need to exchange 0.005 BTC to Ethereum using exchanger course 0.005 BTC - 0.35 ETH

How to exchange here:
1. Fill the form and click "Continue Exchange"

2. Than fill out your Ethereum address and your e-mail. You will see exchanger's BTC address  where you should send specified amount of BTC from your wallet (don't forget about commission for transaction in BTC network about 0.25$)

3. You will receive Ethereum after the 1st confirmation of BTC network, it takes about 10 minutes
4) Now you exchange Ethereum to Bitcoin using exchanger on course 0.35 ETH - 0.008 BTC
5) So you have ~ 0.003 BTC (more than 33$) profit just from one exchange!!!
6) Repeat this procedure 4 times and your profit will be more than 150$!!! If you start with a larger amount of BTC profit will be higher.