Monday, October 16, 2017

Let Me Help You Get 4 Referrals & Earn 3,24 BTC

There s many people who have started with this Program and I know it can really work because just on my 

First Day I was able to earn 0.0052 BTC (~$20.00) and I only invested $2.00 from my pocket (1000% Profit 

already for my investment).

No one is required to invest more than 0.0005 BTC (~$2.00) to use the Fast Option (21 Days) or you can use 

the Free Option without any Investment, the difference is that it will take you 51 Days instead of taking 21 Days.

So, because I have already my 4 Referrals I have decided to help everyone who joins with my Team 

Members to get their 4 Referrals as well but there s 3 Requirements which are very Important in order for me to help you get Referrals:

1) You need to join on the Fast Option to Earn 3.24 BTC in 21 Days under one of our Team Members - you just need to Invest 0.0005 BTC (~$2.00) to start (no other investment required);

2) You need to be active and Surf 10 Pages each Day/every day;

3) You need to share the following link wherever you can (Facebook Groups is a great option but you can use any Traffic Sources) so we can help each other to get 4 Referrals for everyone:

And that s all I need from your side, you don t need to do anything else besides what is stated above and I will help you all the way to earn your BTC.

If you are not aware, 3.24 BTC is worth $14,000 or more and I believe $2 is nothing as an investment for this kind of potential earnings.

Very Important: If you join under any of my Referrals (if I m not your Sponsor) you need to reply to this 

email, send me your ITB (Infinity Traffic Boost) Referral Link and tell me the 

name of your Sponsor so I can add it to the rotator and help you get 4 Referrals - I don t have access to 

your details if you under my Referrals, so I can t add you if I don t know you are there.

To Join ITB Click on the following Link:

Stay tuned, there s more coming up...

Best Regards,

Valeriu Postica